Safwat Al-Khabara for security consulting office is the title of trust and security

Safwat Al-Khabara for security consulting office are a group of Saudi staff with accumulated security expertise who are meet together to achieve the good values and add advanced security for companies, businessmen and individuals in our security consulting, solutions and services based on a knowledge and security expertise .

We work as one team to provide innovative solutions to our clients ‘problems using the best methods of security work, databases and advanced analysis systems to reach the best security decisions that enhance our clients’ experience and give them more confidence and security.

The team (security, engineering, technical, training and legal) in the office provides the best security advice that can discussed in accordance with the legal regulations in force in Saudi Arabia, so we are proud to help our clients to create strong and reliable security environments for them

Why are we here ?

Consultation study

In the this step, we will study the consultation and present it to the team of the specialists to study and evaluate it according to the officially approved security standards and systems to come up with a successful study that can be worked out .


After studying the consultation, a workshop will be held with the participation of the team from the Safwat Alkhubra for Security Consultants office with the client ( companies, individuals ) to discuss all aspects and evaluate it for the implementation phase .

Implementation phase 

After finish from the consultation study and the workshop, we will work to apply the implementation phase to the reality life according to the Professional Standards adopted and approved in the previous stages .

Our vision

We hope to be the leader provider of the security solutions in Saudi Arabia. The trusted security partner for companies, private sectors, businessmen and individuals. We provide accurate and fully up-to-date security information serving our clients.

Our goal

serving our customers in an integrated way that fulfills their security aspirations ,and we have made their destination to our reliable and accurate security consultations.

Our mission

Provide high-quality security consulting services and develop innovative and effective security solutions.

Our values

  • Our strong commitment to serving our clients, providing the best consulting and security solutions.
  • Enhance the trust of our clients by protect their assets and business.
  • Work hard to mitigate the security risks and enable our clients to do their jobs safely.
  • Provide our clients with reliable information to ensure the safety of their assets and business.

The office is certified and registered in the Central Licensing Unit Portal of the Higher Commission for Industrial Security with approval no. (23674)

Commercial Register No. 2051237974

Consulting Professions License 930259