We can provide consultation to anyone facing a problem or blackmail or digital threats on the internet, whether they are individuals or companies. Indeed all the level of managers and administrators, we can serve them securely and confidentially. We are using technology and artificial intelligence to serve society by faceing any digital risks and threats.

Delete Offensive Videoss and Images

We can delete all offensive videos on the Internet immediately and confidentially to those who have been subjected to online cyber-blackmail through social media programs (Emo, Line, Botim , WhosHere , Zawaj, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter )

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Data Leakes on the Dark Web

We are with you to monitor all leaks on the dark web world and provide a report service requester with accurate inspection results for all leaks that exist in the dark web and deep web world on demand .

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Control Online Reputation Management

The service aims to protect your online reputation on the internet, by improving search results and removing negative comments for individuals or companies, as well as managers, administrators and dignitaries

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