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Security consultations

We provide the best security consulting for entities, establishments, businessmen and individuals in all security fields from training, education, evaluation and security supervision of establishments, addressing security problems and providing appropriate solutions .

Financial legal consultancy

We seek to provide the legal  consultations for financial claims from third parties and collect them according to the rules and legal regulations in Saudi Arabia.

Online threat and risk technology consultancy

We provide the security technology consultations to face the problems of extortion and digital threats on the internet to companies, businessmen and individuals. We provide appropriate solutions to them securely and confidentially


Our teamwork is characterized by the presence of elite professional experts in the security fields who we benefit from their scientific and practical experiences in providing appropriate solutions for companies, businessmen and individuals .

Security and safety

After Allah, the teamwork of Safwat Alkhubara office, are strive to achieve security and safety in all kind of facilities and individuals, we provide what all the consultations need according with the thoughtful security solutions that we seek to achieve .


After Allah, We can rely our confidence on the work team in Safwat Alkhubra office to provide the security consultations from their scientific expertise and previous practical practices.


We provide the necessary confidentiality production for our clients and maintain the privacy of their data and information, we can deal with all cases in complete confidentiality to protect all rights in accordance with the regulations in Saudi Arabia.


Our services

Our office provides the best security consolations, and discusses it in accordance with the legal regulations applicable in Saudi Arabia.

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Security consultations

Financial legal consultations

Technical consultations for digital threat risk


Thank you for choosing us and we place these words as a model of pride for us


Our office provides the best security advice, and discusses it in accordance with the legal controls and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia