Safwat Alkhubra for Security Consultations office relies on unconventional security bases and methods that contribute to achieving a number of goals to raise the levels of security awareness and security sense of the individual and the community. We can serve their security needs with a broad security bases that touch the reality and its details in professionally and security way in order to provide the best consultations and services.

In its tools and activity, the Office combines expertise with the latest technologies using in the security fields by keeping pace with the latest developments in the world of security and civil security. The Office’s consultations begin from the planning stages through the identification of detailed technical specifications, design, infrastructure development and implementation, and then supervision, control and evaluation, which can prevent or reduce threats, violence, theft, embezzlement, forgery, sabotage, terrorist attack, trespassing and pollution.

As the security decisions, today we determine the security of your organization or company over the coming years. The security consultations services provided to you by Safwat Alkhubra for consultations office enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your facilities and assets.

Our security consultants have a great deal of experiences in consulting customers on-site services, and we can help our clients establish a strong security environment that includes assessing potential threats and risks, reviewing and developing security policies, and effective security planning.